Twister Tensioner

What's the difference between a standard and low-profile tensioner?
The low-profile tensioner does not extend out from the chute works as far as the standard tensioner, but it does take a larger footprint on the structure for mounting.
What's the life-expectancy of a Twister Tensioner?
All Twister Tensioners are guaranteed for life under normal use.
What's the Twister Tensioner made of?
How often do Twister Tensioners need re-tensioning?
Many variables exist when discussing the need for re-tensioning. Generally speaking, however, one re-tensioning will be needed during the life of the cleaner blade.
How does it work?
The Twister Tensioner acts as a torsion tube. When the tension is set it is being pre-loaded with a force. This force is transferred through the cleaner parts and eventually to the cleaning edge of the blade.
How many Twister Tensioners are needed per cleaner?
Most ARCH cleaners require only 1 Twister Tensioner to maintain optimum pressure. The Saber Max and the Super Saber are the most notable exceptions, usually requiring two Twister Tensioners.

Saber Blades

What are Saber blades made of?
Saber blades are made of a uniquely engineered polyurethane compound based on each customer’s specific situation. Ceramic, high temperature, high speed, high moisture, and food grade blades optional for most ARCH cleaning systems.
What color are they?

Standard Saber blades-red – High Temperature-neon green – Ceramic-blue – High Moisture-gray – Food Grade-natural (non-pigmented or white)

How long do Saber blades last?
The actual life expectancy of a Saber blade can vary depending on the application. Please contact Customer Support for additional information.
What about abrasive, sticky, or food-grade materials?
ARCH has a solution for each and/or all of these applications. Please consult with technical support for specific application data.
Do Saber blades handle mechanical splices well?
Yes, when splices are properly installed all Saber blades work normally.

Belt Cleaning Systems

What's better, two primary cleaners or one primary and one secondary cleaner on extremely stubborn materials?
That depends. Cleaner selection will vary with every application. Consult with Technical Support for specific application data.
What's the difference between the SCM and Saber Primary cleaners?
The SCM is an upgraded version of the Saber Primary cleaner and is designed to be more rigid along the length and can be removed from either side of the conveyor belt. SCM frames are yellow and Saber Primary frames are black. The SCM is ‘channel-mounted’ and the Saber Primary is ‘ridge-mounted’.
I use ARCH cleaners. How do I know which one to re-order?
The easiest way to remember is to look at your most recent packing slip or invoice; it’s clearly distinguished. Otherwise, the Saber Primary has a single pin on a 2 1/2″ square, black frame. The SCM has two pins on a 2 1/2″ square, yellow frame. The Mini Saber has one pin on a 2″ square, black frame.
Is the Super Saber still available?
The ARCH Super Saber primary cleaner is available for use in specialized applications only. Consult with Technical Support.
Why don't you push retrofit blades?
While we do offer retrofit blades for most competitors’ cleaners we understand that the true long-term cleaning ability of any belt cleaner lies in the tensioner. We encourage replacing the entire cleaner whenever possible, which includes the tensioner.
How are Saber cleaners positioned at the head pulley?
Please refer to the installation guides for the Super Saber, Saber Max, SCM, Saber Primary, and Mini Saber.
Should I consider stainless steel cleaners?
If you convey highly corrosive materials you should definitely consider cleaners with stainless steel components. All ARCH primary cleaners are available in stainless steel.
Which primary cleaner should I use?
Generally speaking, if the pulley is <20″, use a Mini Saber. For pulleys larger than 20″, consider a Saber Channel Mount (SCM) or Saber Primary Cleaner.
How long are the pipes for the Mini Saber?
The Mini Saber, Saber Primary, and SCM all have 32″ tensioner pipes and 24″ support pipes. This allows for a maximum mounting width of BELT WIDTH + 23″. However, ARCH suggests that you not exceed BELT WIDTH + 12″ for most applications.
Can I get a Mini Saber longer than 48 inches?
Of course. Mini Sabers are available in custom lengths. Please contact Technical Support with application data.
Can I mount ARCH cleaners in my existing mounting holes?
No, not ideally. ARCH belt cleaners are designed to work at specific attack angles to the belt surface; if the cleaner is mounted in existing holes these angles may not be achieved and optimum cleaning sacrificed.
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