Tri-Return Training Idler


The Tri-Return Training Idler uses a patented convex arrangement of three self-adjusting idler rolls on a center pivot that automatically centers your conveyor belt. The center roll is horizontal and the two outer rolls are mounted at a descending angle. This roll arrangement allows the trainer to fit the full cup of the return conveyor belt.

Rubber Coated Rolls, Steel Construction, Bolt-in-Place installation, Easily Replaces Current Idlers

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Wyatt Alignment Disks


Constructed of polyurethane, Wyatt Alignment Disks will not damage your belts, and since they mount to your existing carry or return idler rolls, they are easy to install.

Corrosion Resistant, For Lightweight Belts, 100% Polyurethane, Easily Mounts to Current Idlers

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