At Arch, our sole purpose is to protect you, your employees and your equipment. To do that, we manufacture and carry a quality selection of belts and personal protection tools.

Business owners that purchase and implement this equipment demonstrate their investment to the safety (read more) of their workers and the success of their company.

In today’s blog, we talk about why Arch belt protection products are unique and the top reasons your business needs them.

Why your Business Needs Them

Belts are the single most expensive part of a conveyor system. And, they often encounter problems, such as rips, tears or misalignment.  All issues that result in belt repair or replacement are extremely costly. And on top of that expense, you also lose production time.

But, if your belt malfunctions, belt protection devices will either limit the damage or prevent it altogether. When properly located on your conveyor, this equipment ensures that your system operates correctly.

Here are a few highlights from our belt protection product line.

Belt Protection

Tear and rip detectors activate when the belt is torn, punctured or physically damaged.

CTS 9000 Infrared Rip Detector

  • Non-contact infrared switch
  • Auto-wash mechanism that doesn’t stop the conveyor
  • Metal tray that collects fallen material until detected by sensors
  • Installed in alarm only or alarm and trip configuration

CTS 700 BTR® Rip and Tear Detector

  • Mechanical switch that requires impact
  • Protection against side wing and center belt tears
  • Switch equipped with mechanical delay to prevent trips from incidental contact
  • Installed in alarm only or alarm and trip configuration

Misalignment detectors activate when the belt has misaligned and belt damage is likely.

CTS 700 BL Belt Misalignment Detectors

  • Two upright arms connected to a rotary switch that contact any misaligned belts and shut down the conveyor
  • Switch coupling mechanism designed to provide adjustable mechanical delay to prevent false trips

CTS 700 RBL® Return Belt Misalignment Detector

  • Electrical switch connected to downcast arms with use of glass-reinforced polycarbonate coupling
  • Two downcast arms connected to electrical switch that detect belt misalignment in either direction before any damage occurs

Blocked chute detectors activate when material that’s being discharged from the conveyor has stopped flowing. If that problem isn’t detected, it could result in damage to the head pulley because of material piling up.

CTS 600 Blocked Chute Detectors

  • Tilt-type switch inside the chute that’s lifted by the sensing rod to get rid of blockages
  • Blockage levels that tilt the switch more than 15 degrees will activate the switch
  • Activates at 15 degrees and resets at 10 degrees
  • Non-mercury

Speed monitors activate if the belt does not accelerate properly during start-up, the belt stops moving, or isn’t moving at the correct speed. A speed problem is generally an indication of a drive pulley slipping against the belt, which will result in belt damage or potentially the belt catching fire.

CTS 700 OSU Belt Off Speed Monitor

  • Single button belt speed “learn” set-up
  • Pulse sensor monitors pulses in magnetic proximity mode
  • Belt movements detected by roller
  • Adjustable off-speed alarm threshold.

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