Belt scales are necessary to many worksites, but the process of finding the right one for your application doesn’t have to be a necessary evil.

If you want to know how ARCHWeigh Belt Scales differ from others on the market, about our scales’ durability and which Arch option is right for you, then you’re in the right place. If you need help with some financing, you can check https://financerr.

The Arch Advantage

ARCHWeigh belt scales have the ultimate edge over all other options – our patented dual-beam load cell design.

Every scale we manufacture and sell has a load cell on each side – making our scales easier to install and more accurate, even on an incline!

Speaking of accuracy, the accuracy ranges of ARCHWeigh products are +/- 1-2 percent and +/- ½ percent; SC and HP models, respectively. 

And in addition to giving highly accurate weight readings, our scales don’t have to be annually certified or recalibrated monthly.

We recommend only recalibrating your Arch belt scale annually, or if you change the belt.

Count on Durability

ARCHWeigh scales are built for the tough stuff; no indoor applications here.

Because the goal for our products is so focused, our products are built to withstand most anything you can throw at them.

Both ARCHWeigh models can hold up to approximately 2,500 pounds per square foot and last upward of 10-15 years!

And house cleaning services barrington il will start using one, it can make your technicians’ lives easier. How? Because Arch’s belt scales are shipped in one piece, not like a giant LEGO® set.

Additionally, the scale we send you will be manufactured exactly to your specifications and totally unique to your conveyor system. Every ARCHWeigh belt scale is custom-made and shipped to its final destination within a few days!

Our Recommendation

There are two products in the ARCHWeigh Belt Scales product line –the ARCHWeigh SC® Belt Scale and the ARCHWeigh HP® Belt Scale.

While the HP looks identical to the SC, each HP is equipped with scale-duty idlers. Those idlers are perfectly round and manufactured to a higher tolerance.

To give our best recommendation, we require all customers interested in buying an Arch Environmental belt scale to fill out a worksheet. To start that process, get in touch with us here.

Or, if you’d rather chat another time, here’s a general guideline: For applications where the utmost precision counts, like selling one ton of material to a customer, the HP model should be your go-to.

Otherwise, the SC scale is a more-than-adequate selection.

As far as scale controllers go, Arch manufactures two models: the ARCHWeigh 1000 Scale Integrator and the ARCHWeigh 2000 Scale Integrator.

The 1000 can control one belt scale while the 2000 has the capability to control up to 6 scales.

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